King Shot Press

King Shot Press is radical publishing house that’s flavored kinda like a blend of ‘80s hardcore records, goth existentialism, Gucci Mane, and monster movies.

Est 2014. PDX / ATH

the crew



TIFFANY SCANDAL —Managing Editor, Events/Tour Coordinator

TIFFANY SCANDAL—Managing Editor, Events/Tour Coordinator

MATTHEW REVERT —Cover Designer, Good-ass Cat Dad

MATTHEW REVERT—Cover Designer, Good-ass Cat Dad

Spokescats: Kubrick, Rocki, Phoenix

KSP is distributed through Ingram and direct order

Circle J design by Zach Shonkwiler

For information on events, press, review copies, or retail discounts, please do send us a message through the contact page or via info at kingshotpress dot com

Please send any snail mail correspondence to
PO Box 80601 Portland, OR 97280