King Shot Press

Why are you closed to manuscript submissions?

There are a few reasons. 1) King Shot is something we do after work and on weekends, and there just aren't enough hours in life to consider everything that comes our way. 2) It's important that writers we publish are as good a fit for us as they are talented. 3) We'll find you.

Can I become an intern/volunteer for KSP?

No, sorry. We view unpaid internships/labor in for-profit businesses as unethical. We believe all workers deserve fair compensation for their efforts. King Shot Press has remained intern-free since our launch in 2014. We do occasionally use freelancers, however.

What's with Zombie JFK? Why are you called King Shot Press?

Zach Shonkwiler designed the logo, based on a concept by Matthew Revert. The name itself carries multiple inspirations: 1) We're big fans of The Wire—"You come at the king, you best not miss." 2) An unmade film titled King Shot. 3) The idea that talent matters, that it shouldn't matter who you are, where you're from, what you look like, or how much money you were born with—we're dethroning that privileged shit.

What do ya mean by "radical books"?

Literature that approaches narrative from a parallel center. Writers we publish embody our values, and their work often explores themes of intersectionality, class struggle, stigma, authoritarianism, etc in their storytelling. King Shot publishes fiction and non-fiction that's both anarchic in spirit and innovative in form.

You're an independent publisher. Are your books actually in bookstores?

Yep! You can find King Shot titles in independent bookstores across the United States such as Powell's Books, Browser's Bookshop, Verbatim Books, Book Show, Copperfield's Books, Bluestockings, Watermark Books, and others. You can also order through your favorite online bookseller, or direct through this website.

What's your connection to Broken River Books?

King Shot Press was originally launched in mid-2014 as an imprint of Broken River Books, and remained so until early-2016, when all of our lives got busier and it seemed easier to partition the imprints. We're still cool though! And do in fact still collaborate on releases and events.


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