King Shot Press

The Objective (Spain/Spanish language—Así combate una ex SuicideGirl el sexismo que nos asquea a todas “La escritora y editora Tiffany Scandal reúne en ‘Nasty!’ (King Shot Press) testimonios de mujeres de todo el mundo sobre la violencia sexual, la cultura de la violación, los prejuicios raciales o la belleza no normativa. Ellas no se callan.” (2018)

Tiffany Scandal on 'Nasty!', A Collection Of Essays From Fierce Women (LitReactor) (2018)

"It’s an empowering read that tears the veil of civility to liberate by catharsis." The Alchemy of Trolling: Interview with Tiffany Scandal and Tara Dublin (Reality Sandwich) (2018)

The Outer Dark (podcast)—BizarroCon Panel: ‘The Road to Publication’ featuring Ross Lockhart, Hugo Camacho Cabeza, Don Noble and Nicholas Day, Michael Kazepis “From editing to printing, publishers discuss what it takes to get a book in front of an audience including open versus closed submissions, finding unique voices, bizarro in Spain, pro tips, reaching audiences, production and distribution, and pros and cons of print-on-demand.” (2017)

"Portland’s King Shot Press deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the legendary, Athenian Oxy Publications for their mix of antiauthoritarian and transgressive books." Review of Noctuidae by Scott Nicolay (Crows 'n' Bones) (2016—website no longer active)

Cameo appearance/shoutout in Publishers Weekly coverage of AWP 2016 Los Angeles (2016)

"King Shot Press has recently changed its mantra to focus on covering themes that are often neglected by other presses." 10 Small Presses to Check Out in 2016 (Cultured Vultures) (2016)

"Writer Tiffany Scandal is building a platform for fresh voices via Portland’s King Shot Press, a DIY publisher of radical books and ideas." How to break into publishing, Riot Grrrl style (Huck Magazine) (2016)

"a post-bizarro publisher of radical fiction" An Interview With Michael Kazepis (Word Horde) (2016)

"Although it was recently announced, KSP is ready to roll and already told the world what’s coming in the first wave: a collection by Cody Goodfellow, Chris Lambert’s debut novel, and another collection by Eric Nelson." The Weird Interview: Michael Kazepis (Entropy) (2014)